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Two of my newest NASE Advanced Open Water & Nitrox graduates
         showing off their buoyancy and air conservation skills.

Course Costs

Classroom Session - Includes:
 - NASE AOW online eLearning Course

 - 1 hour classroom
 - NASE Digital AOW Manual

Open Water Dives - Include:
 - 5 Open Water Dives at the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM
    - Core Dives
        - Underwater Navigation
        - Deep Diver (60-100 feet)
    - 3 additional Elective Dives of your choice

 - Rental Scuba Equipment (BCD, regulators, tanks, weights)
 - NASE Advanced Open Water Diver Digital Certification Card
* Students need to purchase or provide their own mask, fins, and exposure suit
* Entry fees to the Blue Hole and tank fills are the student's responsibility

Private (1 student) - $600
Semi-Private (2-3 students) - $450 each

Personalized instruction limited to 3 students maximum.  This ensures making the most of YOUR time and not having to wait on others in a larger-sized class.

Arrangements to other destinations available upon request