About Me           

In-Depth Training is a sole proprietorship owned by Dan Goldan.  I have been a recreational diver since 1991 and have been teaching scuba since 1997.  My personalized approach to recreational scuba training limits class size to no more than 3 students. 

Below is a list of my recreational and technical scuba credentials.




Advanced Open Water Scuba Instructor Advanced Open Water Scuba Instructor Solo Diver
xTek Basics & Rescue Instructor
Technical Sidemount Instructor
xTek 45 Instructor
Assistant Instructor Trainer Nitrox Diver
Specialty Instructor Ratings: Specialty Instructor Ratings: Advanced Nitrox Diver
 - Nitrox I & II
 - Nitrox Decompression Procedures
 - Full Face Mask  - Drysuit Extended Range Diver
 - Drysuit  - Deep Diver Trimix Diver
 - Search & Recovery  - Night & Limited Visibility  
 - Altitude/High Altitude  - Search & Recovery  
 - Ice Diving  - Ice Diving  
 - Navigation  - Altitude Diving  
 - Deep Diving  - Interspiro Full Face Mask  
 - Night & Limited Visibility  - U/W Electronic Communications  
 - Rescue Diver  - Navigation  
 - Master Diver  - Perfect Buoyancy  
 - Divemaster  - Stress & Rescue
 - Science of Diving
 - Wreck Diving    
 - Equipment Specialist